Posts From September, 2018

Facelift New York City , NY

Don’t Let Kenny Rogers Scare You Away from Facelift Surgery

We’ve all seen bad plastic surgery. The problem with high-profile celebrities taking risks with their appearance is that we perceive these people as having all the money they need to collaborate with the best surgeons. When the outcome of surgery is over-the-top, such as Kenny Rogers’ too-tight eyelids and facelift, it’s easy for people to […]

Laser Resurfacing New York City , NY

Are You a Minimalist? We’ve Got the Beauty Treatments You Want!

Cosmetic surgery procedures have improved in safety and the gentleness of results over time, but that hasn’t changed the fact that some people don’t want to address their aging process with surgery. At Luxurgery in NYC, we are happy to oblige. Whether your interest is to slow the progress of aging before noticeable deterioration has […]

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