Liposuction For Men

While the standards may seem different, many men feel as much pressure and desire to look their best as women—and like women, men sometimes need a little bit of help. Liposuction is one of many cosmetic procedures available that can help men achieve their goals and feel more confident. Liposuction is actually one of the most common cosmetic procedures for men. Keep reading to learn more.

What are the benefits of liposuction?
liposuction for menSometimes, no matter how well you eat and how hard you work, you’ll be left with stubborn areas of fat that make you self-conscious about your body. Liposuction can remove this stubborn extra fat to give you a sleeker physique where your muscles are more prominent.
Liposuction can be used to improve your overall body contour and enhancing a masculine, fit appearance. It can be used to eliminate extra fat from the chest, abdomen, waist, and neck as well as other areas of the body. In some cases liposuction will be used to more specifically sculpt your body and accentuate natural lines and muscles. This procedure is called liposculpting. It can be used to accentuate abdominal muscles and the lines between the muscles to help patients enhance the appearance of a 6-pack.

What are the limitations of liposuction?
While liposuction can help you look and feel slimmer, it cannot help you lose weight. If you are still working toward reaching your weight loss goals, keep up the good work and reconsider liposuction once you’ve reached a healthy, stable weight.

Is it right for you?
If you’re at a healthy, stable weight and you still can’t get rid of stubborn areas of fat, or if you’d like to enhance your natural masculine appearance, liposuction may be able to help you get to the next level. This procedure has been performed for decades and is very safe. Recovery is quick and many patients return to work within a week.

If you’d like to learn more about liposuction, liposculpting, and other cosmetic procedures that can benefit men, schedule a consultation with Dr. Shridharani.

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