Slim your Chin with Kybella

A double chin can be a major problem that causes you to feel dissatisfied with your appearance. Often, the presence of submental fullness gives the illusion of excess weight. While a double chin is, in fact, excess fat, this problem is not indicative of obesity by any means. However, most people who struggle with a little extra fatty tissue beneath the chin would like to do something about it. Like the rest of the body, the chin is not an area that can be spot-reduced with diet and exercise. Fortunately, advances in esthetic medicine have brought us a viable solution to submental fullness: Kybella™.

What is Kybella™?

Kybella™ is the latest in a long line of successful injectible products. This particular solution has been developed specifically for the elimination of submental fullness, or the double chin. FDA-approved only early in 2015, this product has already been used on thousands in our country who have reported outstanding results.

KybellaThe injectible solution is based on deoxycholic acid, a substance that is naturally found in the body. Its role is to aid in the breakdown of fat. Consequently, it seemed logical to investigate the direct usage of this acid in the elimination of unwanted fat in target areas, such as the chin. In fact, Kybella™ is the first and only product developed for this specific use.

How it Works

The presence of deoxycholic acid in the body facilitates the natural metabolism of fat. When the substance is injected to fat beneath the chin, the cells that have expanded in this area are weakened. This allows contents of fat cells to seep out, where they can be processed through the lymphatic system. Because deoxycholic acid has a natural effect on fat, the results that are obtained with Kybella™ are progressive.

Immediately following treatment, it is possible that the area may look and feel slightly more swollen than normal. This is a natural response to the absorption of the Kybella™ product. Gradually, as cells are affected by the acid, a slimmer, tighter chin will become evident. Noticeable results usually occur about six weeks after the first treatment. Every person is different, but most people achieve their desired outcome through two or more treatment sessions.

If you want a slimmer chin without surgery, contact Luxurgery to see if Kybella™ is right for you.


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