The Powerful Effect of Mindset Before and After Cosmetic Surgery

Of the various factors involved in the successful outcome of plastic surgery procedures, mindset is one of the most crucial. At Luxurgery, we want to know that you feel satisfied with the results achieved from your surgical procedure, recognizing the investment that you have made into your appearance. Working together, we customize a plan to meet your expectations. At the same time, we offer tips to help you through your process of change.

Important Pre-op Considerations
There are several questions that you may be asked by your consulting plastic surgeon. These will relate to:
• Potential Body Dysmorphic Disorder and how you see yourself, flaws and all, in comparison to how others may see you.
• Self-love or, more specifically, habits that exhibit self-hatred, such as an eating disorder.
• Ongoing treatment for bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, or OCD.
• Expectations of what you think you will look and feel after plastic surgery.

plastic surgeryThe importance of clear, honest communication with your plastic surgeon cannot be overstated. Changing the appearance of your face or body is something that must be done for positive reasons in order to prevent dramatic feelings of disappointment.

Feeling Great After Surgery
Although the end result of plastic surgery is most often extremely positive, the process of recovery is not without its disadvantages. Your surgeon will want to make sure you are up for the challenges you may face.
• Healing takes time and effort. Post-operative discomfort may last a week or so, and the area may look bruised and / or swollen. For several days, or weeks, depending on your procedure, you may not see the intended result due to swelling.
• Healthy activity is advantageous. A nice, easy walk each day after surgery can keep you from feeling “cooped up” and can prevent post-op blues.
• Maintain follow-up appointments with your physician. It is important that you engage in recommended follow-up in order to facilitate a healthy, stress-free recovery.

Receive friendly care from an expert staff when you visit Luxurgery in NYC. The consultation process for plastic surgery is not meant to be intrusive by any means. Rather, our investigative performance is intended to ensure you are happy at the end of your journey. Call (212) 508-0000 for your visit.

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