How to Stay Svelte After Liposuction

liposcutionMany people today seek liposuction as a solution for lingering fat, primarily abdominal fat. Recent studies on women who had liposuction suggests that problematic visceral fat may begin to accumulate as soon as six months after the body-sculpting surgery. To help you maintain your new physique, we find it important to discuss habits that will support health and figure.

Why you Want to Avoid Visceral Fat

Not all fat cells are created equal. Studies show that the cells found in visceral fat are responsible for the production of cytokines, harmful hormones that are responsible for chronic inflammation. Due to the sheer size of visceral fat cells, these hormones are readily produced. Consequences of their production include insulin resistance, high blood pressure, and increased risk of cardiovascular disease – and that is just the beginning. At a very basic level visceral fat counteracts the investment you have made into liposuction.

The Key to Success

We all know that diet and exercise make an enormous difference in our health and vitality. As it pertains to liposuction, one study demonstrated a 10% increase of overall body fat in individuals who did not exercise 3 days a week after being cleared by their plastic surgeon to resume physical activity.  Study participants who did exercise experienced a generalized decrease in body fat. Fortunately, the method of exercise proven most effective at reducing visceral fat is light aerobic activity, such as a 45-minute brisk walk.

Clearly, you will not feel like hitting the gym during the first few weeks after liposuction surgery. During this time you may maximize the results of your procedure by reaching for fresh fruits and vegetables, green tea, lean meats, and by avoiding alcohol consumption. Healthy fats are also proven powerhouses in the fight against weight gain, especially across the mid-section. These include coconut oil, safflower oil, and healthy fats found in walnuts and avocados.

It is critical to maintain health after any surgical procedure, and we are here to support you. If you have been considering liposuction to achieve your desired physique, contact our office. We are happy to schedule a convenient appointment time for you.

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