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breast liftThe digitalization of society has caused a significant shift in the delivery of information. The images that we are bombarded with today may not be “real;” rather, the majority of them have been re-touched to give us the illusion of what true beauty looks like. The truth is, every person has a unique figure. When there is a desire to enhance shape through breast augmentation, the need for cold hard facts is strong. At Luxurgery, it is important to us to provide information in a clear, concise manner. In this way, we help each of our patients determine how to best achieve their desired outcome.

Myths about Breast Augmentation

Size is the Most Important Factor

The old saying that size matters can really lead you in the wrong direction when it comes to breast enhancement. The only way in which size matters is how it relates to your own body proportions. What looks good on someone else, a C cup, for instance, may not look good on you. According to statistics, there is actually a new trend in breast augmentation surgery in which women are selecting B-sized implants for a subtle, beautiful boost. During your consultation with us, we will discuss size with consideration to your frame.

Implants look Fake

There was a time when the standard augmentation included overly-large implants. The techniques and products used met the demand for an obvious appearance. The bad news is that the trend of ten years ago has caused this myth about breast augmentation. The good news is that, like fashion trends, those related to plastic surgery also change with the times. Our goal in planning and performing breast enhancement surgery is to give each patient a look that fits with her body and her lifestyle.

Implants are the Best way to Lift the Breasts

Many of the women who visit our practice complain of droopy, deflated breasts. This can be a natural effect of motherhood, age, and weight loss. While breast implants can add volume and shape to deflated breasts, they do not lift sagging skin. If necessary, this concern may be addressed with mastopexy, or breast lift surgery. In some cases, lifting is combined with augmentation to achieve the desired result.

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