Posts From May, 2016

Tummy Tuck Surgery: What you Need to Know

Springtime is a time of year when nature is renewed. Is it the singing birds or warmth of the sunshine that causes us to reflect more on appearance at this time? Perhaps, but we think it has more to do with the soon-coming of summer. To get swimsuit ready, many of our patients consider if […]

Get the Facts about Breast Augmentation

The digitalization of society has caused a significant shift in the delivery of information. The images that we are bombarded with today may not be “real;” rather, the majority of them have been re-touched to give us the illusion of what true beauty looks like. The truth is, every person has a unique figure. When […]

How to Stay Svelte After Liposuction

Many people today seek liposuction as a solution for lingering fat, primarily abdominal fat. Recent studies on women who had liposuction suggests that problematic visceral fat may begin to accumulate as soon as six months after the body-sculpting surgery. To help you maintain your new physique, we find it important to discuss habits that will […]

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