Posts From February, 2024

How Long Does miraDry Last?

Are you tired of sweating through your clothes? Tired of the stress and anxiety in social situations from having excessive sweat? Ready to feel confident in whatever you wear? MiraDry is an innovative solution that can eliminate excessive sweating for good. What Is MiraDry? MiraDry is a device that treats hyperhidrosis — excessive sweating. The technology destroys […]

The Easiest Cellulite Treatment Ever

While diet and exercise help some, uneven texture and dimples from cellulite are found even in the most athletic people. Cellulite isn’t a fat issue. Instead, it’s a skin issue. Liposuction can actually worsen it, as cellulite seems to form when there isn’t much support under your skin. Removing fat decreases the already missing support and can […]

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