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Body SculptingBody contouring has been a popular area of plastic surgery for many years. Loose tissue and stubborn body fat are not uncommon problems. Many men and women struggle with these issues even when they live a healthy lifestyle. Historically, surgical procedures like liposuction and skin lifts were the only options for addressing loose and saggy skin. Today, we have more powerful technologies than ever, including J-Plasma, to achieve meaningful skin-tightening results. We are proud to offer J-Plasma in our NYC office for facial rejuvenation as well as body skin tightening. Here, we discuss the value of this process.

What Is Plasma Technology?

Plasma is a natural form of atmospheric energy. It is made when gas is exposed to an electrical charge. With only a small radiofrequency charge, we can create a significant amount of ionic energy. This active plasma energy is surrounded by cold helium gas, which makes it a safe and effective form of matter to affect the skin. A J-Plasma treatment does not use heat to stimulate tissue contraction. This is achieved through the combination of minute heat and reactive ionic particles. In addition to promoting skin contraction, cold plasma energy also stimulates the collagen production that is needed for tissue regeneration. This innovative approach to nonsurgical skin-tightening is gentler than many methods, incurring a shorter recovery period while offering quick results.

J-Plasma treatments are appropriate for most adults who want to rejuvenate the face or body. In addition to improving concerns such as jowls and sagging facial skin, this procedure is commonly used to improve the appearance of the:

  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Breasts
  • Flanks
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs

Why Choose J-Plasma?

Many people are interested in nonsurgical skin-tightening. The J-Plasma procedure can be used as adjunctive therapy after surgery or may be performed as the primary form of skin-tightening. The procure is minimally-invasive and incurs very little downtime. Most cases are performed with only a local anesthetic. It is a great treatment option for adults who have little time in their busy schedule to recover from their cosmetic procedure.

Dr. Shridharani is a well-known NYC plastic surgeon who understands the value of nonsurgical treatment options. He is proud to offer J Plasma treatment to patients interested in facial and body rejuvenation. Call (212)508-0000 today to schedule your consultation and learn more about this procedure.

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