Plastic Surgery Recovery: Know Your Must-Haves

Plastic Surgery RecoveryMany plastic surgery procedures are performed every year. Most patients who undergo plastic surgery achieve satisfactory results with little inconvenience. Still, let’s be honest; recovering from a surgical procedure can feel stressful. We do what we can to help our patients avoid unnecessary challenges. Once the surgery is done, though, the rest of the process is in the patient’s hands. If you are thinking of having plastic surgery, you want to know the must-haves that will see you through your post-surgical period.

Must-Have #1 – Help

Most people who have thought of having plastic surgery know they will need to take some time off work. You’d think this would mean that they also understand they will be on the sidelines for a week or two, not engaging in their normal routine. Still, we meet with many people who have a difficult time receiving the help they will need to recover well after their surgery. We cannot overstate the importance of asking for and accepting help so you can focus on rest and healing. At the same time, we know that this can be the biggest challenge for many of our patients. Why? Because we are a DIY society! However difficult it may be, you must arrange for help. For a short time, someone else needs to do the cooking, the pet-walking, the child-feeding and bathing, and other tasks that cannot be put off for a week or two.

Must-Have #2 – Home Remedies

Patients scheduled for surgery know they should fill their prescriptions in advance of their procedure. Relatively few know that they may experience constipation from those medications so, once they start taking them and face that difficulty, they are unprepared. Two ways in which constipation may be avoided or managed include drinking fiber and taking magnesium citrate tablets every day. One of these two options should be sufficient. Whichever is chosen can be stopped once pain medication is no longer needed. An additional home remedy you do not want to be without is ice. Having two or more ice packs in the freezer before the day of surgery means you will always have one ready for use.

Recovering from plastic surgery need not be a stressful experience. We’re here for you. For answers to your questions or to schedule a consultation in our NYC office, call (212)508-0000. 

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