Is a Tummy Tuck the Best Stretch Mark Treatment Available?

Pregnancy and weight affect the midsection in more than one way. People who have held excess weight for some time or who have gained weight or muscle very rapidly, including during adolescence or pregnancy, may develop stretch marks in addition to other concerns. While weight may be lost, these marks on the skin may not resolve on their own. Here, we discuss what you should know about stretch marks and tummy tuck surgery.

Stretch marks are formed when the skin stretches too quickly or is stretched for too long. This stretching causes some of the collagen and elastin fibers beneath the skin to rupture. Ruptures result in pink or red marks. Over time, stretch marks become more silvery or white, but they do not go away entirely unless they are treated. Women who are pregnant often try to prevent stretch marks by applying cocoa butter or other products to their midsection. After stretch marks appear, people may try to reduce them by applying a topical scar cream. This rarely resolves the problem completely. Could a tummy tuck be the answer?

Abdominoplasty as a Stretch Mark Treatment

We wouldn’t necessarily present abdominoplasty as a treatment for stretch marks. The procedure would be a lot to go through just to have clearer abdominal skin. However, for the individual who has loose and saggy abdominal skin, the procedure offers substantial benefits. A tummy tuck can address a range of cosmetic degradation, from loose skin to separated abdominal muscles to a poorly positioned belly button resulting from weight fluctuations. When performed for these objectives, the tummy tuck provides additional improvements such as gaining an hourglass shape, removing a C-section scar, and reducing or eliminating stretch marks. Those that remain after surgery are often much subtler because the skin has been tightened.

Having a tummy tuck is a big decision and one that can be extremely rewarding. Dr. Shridharani customized each procedure to the patient to achieve natural, beautiful results that last. If you would like to enjoy a flatter, more sculpted midsection, contact us at (212) 508-0000. We would love to schedule a consultation for you in our NYC office.

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