Your Breast Augmentation Recovery Broken Down in Stages

Hundreds of thousands of women undergo breast augmentation each year. Some are restoring or amplifying their natural shape for the first time and some are seeking further enhancement by trading one type of implant for another in revision breast surgery. There are several advantages to breast augmentation. Ultimately, the most significant is that a woman feels more like herself in her new shape. Many women want to know what they should expect from breast augmentation in terms of recovery. Here, we break it down into stages.

Stage One

The first stage of breast augmentation recovery lasts from day 1 to about day 5. This is when prescription pain medication may be taken for a few days. Activity is most limited during this stage, as well. Patients want to focus on resting, hydrating, and supporting their comfort with extra pillows, blankets, and lots of entertainment. During this stage, walking may be limited to around the house or just outside. This helps to maintain optimal circulation to avoid blood clots and nourish the tissue that is healing.

Stage Two

The second stage of recovery is short, lasting from about day 5 to day 7. This is when patients tend to notice that their comfort has improved significantly. They may be able to walk more and do a little more to take care of themselves, like showering and cooking quick meals. While comfort improves, it is important to continue prioritizing rest, understanding that this is what it takes to recover optimally.

Stage Three

Stage three of breast augmentation recovery happens between weeks 2 and 3. Patients may be able to go back to work around 10 days after surgery. This is dependent on the physical requirements of their job. Strenuous activity must still be avoided during this stage, but light exercise like walking or casually riding a bike may resume.

Stage Four

About a month after surgery, patients start to feel like themselves again. Most are back to work by this time and able to conduct normal daily activities with few limitations. Discomfort has resolved by this time, but it is still important to protect the tissues that have been involved in breast augmentation. Chest exercises and strenuous exercise must be avoided until about six weeks after surgery.

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