Neck Lift Surgery: What’s the Point?

Facial aging is a concern that many middle-aged adults face. It cannot be stopped, so we try to find the best ways to age “gracefully.” The thing about aging gracefully is that it means something different to every person. For some, the occasional facial or laser treatment is sufficient to feel their best. For some, minimally invasive injectable treatments do the trick. And we still have folks who love the idea of a more dramatic yet natural-looking makeover via surgery. Facelift and neck lift procedures are two of the most popular plastic surgeries around. Still, people wonder why a neck lift would be necessary when a facelift does so much for the jawline. We’ll discuss that here.

Facelift and Neck Lift: Similarities and Differences

A facelift is performed to rejuvenate the lower two-thirds of the face. To do so, a surgeon makes incisions around the ears to access the layers of fat and muscle under the skin. These structures are carefully pulled upward and outward and secured with internal sutures. The skin is laid over the newly positioned structure, trimmed, and stitched. This technique can restore some volume to the cheeks, which lifts sagging tissue from the jawline. Bye, jowls! It also smooths the creases that form around the nose and mouth and can eliminate marionette lines. According to studies, a facelift can make a person look 6 to 8 years younger.

The neck lift is performed for the same basic objective as a facelift, to rejuvenate the area around the jawline. However, the incisions for a neck lift may be slightly different than those for a facelift. A neck lift also has incisions around the ears and also one below the chin, where it will heal discreetly. Tiny instruments are used to lift muscle, fat, and skin up and out, just like the facelift. However, the tissue being lifted is that which makes up the front of the throat area. A neck lift can tighten crepey-looking skin and eliminate a “turkey neck.” A neck lift can make the area look about 10 years younger, according to studies.

We understand that aging gracefully looks different on everyone. We can develop a treatment plan to help you feel amazing at any age. Contact our NYC office at (212) 508-0000 for more information about facelift or neck lift surgery.

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