Men are Stepping up their Game with Kybella Treatment

Kybella New York City | Luxurgery After Kybella received its FDA-approval, this treatment has not slowed down. In fact, interest continually increases among patients of all ages. Some of our most frequent requests for Kybella come from men who are interested in upping their game regarding their personal or professional image.

Kybella, a deoxycholic acid injectable solution, is used as a targeted fat-reducing treatment. Double chins all around the world are disappearing thanks to the focused destruction of fat cells across the uppermost part of the neck. When this submental fullness is decreased, one of the primary benefits experienced by patients is the improvement in jawline contouring. This is an important aspect of the male face and one that we do not overlook.

Is Kybella right for Any Man?

The majority of patients who seek Kybella treatment are between the ages of 25 and 55. Regardless of age, one of the aspects that we pay the closest attention to during Kybella consultations is skin laxity. When deoxycholic acid is introduced to submental fullness, it is absorbed by fat cells. Initially, this causes the cells to swell for a short time. Then, they gradually self-destruct. When fat disappears, loose skin may appear more prominent. Ideal candidates for Kybella are those with little to no loose, sagging skin, indicating that what is present will retract over time.

For men who are good candidates for Kybella, we may recommend 3 to 5 treatments. The reason for multiple treatments is that fat cells respond little by little to the deoxycholic acid they absorb. Treatment sessions are usually scheduled about 4 weeks apart so we may accurately assess the need for re-treatment. Fat pads across the neck differ between men and women, as does the thickness of that fat pad. It is for this reason that men may need more treatment sessions than women to reach their desired result.

In a Hurry?

Kybella is an excellent treatment option for men and women who are mildly concerned about submental fullness. If you cannot stand to live with a double chin any longer than you absolutely must, your needs may be met more successfully with a single-visit procedure, such as neck liposuction. Depending on the facial structure, we may recommend that contouring is added with a chin implant or a neck lift.

The nuances of the male face are understood well by the team at Luxurgery. To explore your treatment options for facial contouring, schedule a consultation with us.

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