Mommy Makeover: It’s the Little Things that Count

Mommy Makeover New York City, NYHaving a baby is a big life change. Being a mother means finding joy in the little things as well as the significant moments of parenting. It means being fulfilled by the sound of laughter and finding meaning where it may not have been evident before. Motherhood also changes a woman in several small ways. The physical changes that occur gradually over nine months of pregnancy and then, in some cases, another several months of breastfeeding, may fall into that “small changes” category. However, when we add them up, these physical manifestations of motherhood may not feel so great. That’s where a mommy makeover comes in.

Mommy makeover treatment involves a custom combination of techniques that restore a woman’s sense of confidence in her body. We won’t say here that a woman should get her pre-pregnancy body back; her body has served a magnificent purpose and can transform into something fabulously new and improved. For this to be a smooth transition, though, there are a few things women should know about the little aspects of their mommy makeover.

  1. A mommy makeover is not the cure-all for pregnancy-related physical changes. We look at a mommy makeover as a complement to workable health and wellness strategies. The procedures involved in this process can lift the breasts, enhance their shape, tighten up the midsection and remove pockets of fat. None of the improvements that are achieved with a mommy makeover will sustain themselves. Patients who eat well and exercise regularly see the longest lasting results from their treatment.
  2. Sleep is a vital necessity. Every mother quickly learns the value of rest, usually because she is lacking in this facet of life. If a mommy makeover is on the horizon, it is crucial not to underestimate how much sleep and overall downtime will be needed after surgery. We cannot stress this enough: get help with housework, childcare, and whatever else you need so your plate will be completely cleared. Your only focus after your mommy makeover is to focus on your body and its needs.
  3. About those future plans. When you consult with a surgeon about a mommy makeover, one of the questions you will be asked is whether you plan to have more children. Most women have heard that a mommy makeover should wait until they are finished having children. Well, life happens, right? It is not unheard of for pregnancy to occur after a woman has had her tummy tightened and her breasts reshaped. There is nothing unsafe about post-makeover pregnancies. The primary concern is how pregnancy will affect the results of the makeover.

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