How to Get the Best Fresh Start for the Coming Year

The past twelve months have taken us on quite the ride. We think it’s safe to say that most of us are ready for a fresh start. Historically, a new calendar year has provided that. While we may not expect a dramatic turnaround as we transition out of 2020, there are still many ways to turn over a new leaf. One of the ways that people have been doing that this year is with plastic surgery and other cosmetic treatments. When consulting with patients, we come across a common theme: a desire to have work done without looking like they’ve had work done. Here, we discuss a few ways to reach this goal.

Find the Right Provider

We talk a lot about finding a doctor or other healthcare professional who makes you feel comfortable. Comfort comes not only from “bedside manner” but also from experience, credentials, and a strong track record of success. This is necessary whether you are getting laser treatment, injectables, or plastic surgery. Remember, as you explore your options, a recommendation from a friend does not make a provider the right one for you. Look for a doctor who has performed the procedure you want and who has achieved consistent results with that particular procedure.

Be a Patient Patient

Patience is key when recovering from cosmetic treatments. At first, most people don’t look completely natural after they’ve had work done. Side effects like swelling and bruising give away secrets. If you want to re-emerge after a cosmetic procedure looking better but not looking like you’ve had work done, you want to take the allotted time for recovery. This may be just a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks. Once the swelling subsides, you can expect to look refreshed and beautiful, so long as you’ve followed the first tip and selected a skilled provider.

Think Conservatively

As exciting as it can be to change your look, there is value in being conservative. Being conservative means discerning details like the size of breast implants based on your body frame, not on trends. Just recently, we’ve seen an influx of breast revisions aimed at reducing breast implant size to bring more natural proportions to the body. A conservative approach is also beneficial for people getting injectable treatment. We can always add more dermal filler but, depending on the product, we cannot always reduce results that are just too much. Regardless of whether you’re interested in plastic surgery or non-surgical treatments, your provider should be looking at how they can help you look like you, only better.

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