Chemical Peels: The Perfect Spring Pick-Me-Up for Your Skin

Winter can be hard on your skin. The combination of low humidity and cold temperatures can cause your skin to feel dry and creepy, making spring a great time to get a chemical peel. This timing allows you to refresh your skin before the summer when you have increased exposure to UV radiation.

How a Chemical Peel Works

A chemical peel removes dead skin cells and other debris from the surface of your skin. It serves as a great pick-me-up for the spring, whether you want to repair the damage caused by winter conditions or simply look your best for spring events.

Chemical peels may be categorized into three types, depending on the depth of their effect.

A light peel typically uses glycolic acid or salicylic acid as the active ingredient and is intended to improve the texture and tone of your skin.

A medium peel is commonly based on trichloroacetic acid, which treats chronic sun damage, scars, and deep wrinkles.

A deep chemical peel typically uses carboxylic acid, which is the strongest ingredient in chemical peels. This type of peel provides your face with a deep, lasting rejuvenation.


A chemical peel removes skin problems like dryness, large wrinkles, and inconsistent pigmentation. These problems often become worse during the winter, making spring the best time to get this procedure. Getting a chemical at this time allows your skin to heal completely before exposure to the sun. However, you should still use sunscreen with a high SPF before going out in the sun. Chemical peels benefit all skin types, regardless of the amount of pigmentation.


Many cosmetic procedures require you to stay indoors while you heal. However, a chemical peel requires virtually no downtime, so it will stay on track with your spring schedule. If you have a big event like a wedding, vacation, or class reunion, you should undergo a chemical peel one or two days beforehand to ensure you show up with fresh, glowing skin.

Improve Your Skin With Chemical Peels

An experienced plastic surgeon can maximize the benefits of a chemical peel while minimizing its risks. Dr. Sachin Shridharani at LUXURGERY© is proud to offer VI chemical peels, a medium-depth peel that rejuvenates the skin. Schedule a consultation online or call us at 212-508-0000.

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