In the Market for a Bigger Bounty? Here’s What You Should Know about BBL!

Brazilian Butt Lift New York City The appreciation of a nicely rounded backside is not even close to diminishing, even as the trend for overly-large butts is losing steam. Men and women alike have expressed interest in adding a little more padding to their derriere, and can do so in the most natural way when they choose to undergo a Brazilian Butt Lift.

The BBL procedure is advantageous because it is about more than increasing volume; it’s about increasing the drama of body contouring by skimming down one area and bulking up another. Genius! Amidst the interest in this process of liposuction and fat injections are high hopes, and also lots of questions. Here, we offer a general guideline of what patients may expect as they return to their normal life after Brazilian Butt Lift surgery.

Weeks 1 and 2 after BBL

The primary post-operative guideline that patients hear is that they cannot sit for two weeks after fat injections into the buttocks. This can feel intimidating, to say the least. The objective with this recommendation is to allow newly inserted fat cells to integrate into the tissue of the buttocks. Too much disruption in terms of direct pressure inhibits circulation for this to occur. During weeks one and two after BBL, patients should sit only when necessary, such as to use the bathroom. If sitting must occur at another time, a donut-shaped cushion may be the most convenient tool to keep pressure away from recovering tissue.  In terms of exercise, patients are encouraged to walk, but not engage in strength training or strenuous activities.

Weeks 3 and 4 after BBL

The third week after Brazilian Butt Lift may be when patients return to work. It is necessary to continue using a cushion and minimizing time spent sitting or lying on the backside. Exercise may increase at week 3, but only slightly. Mild strength training, perhaps without a focus on the buttocks, may be acceptable. Keep in mind that cardiovascular activity or direct use of the buttocks muscles may inhibit the stabilization of integrating fat cells. At about the 4-week mark, physical activity can intensify slightly.

If you have questions about Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, we’d love to speak with you. Contact our New York City office at (212) 508-0000.

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