We can Keep Secrets. Can you?

Minimally Invasive Procedures New YorkWe only divulge our secrets to those closest to us. For many people, one of the biggest tidbits of information they’d like to keep tucked way safely is their age. No one needs to know how old you are! To maintain privacy around your age, you may do all the right things. You’re taking good care of your skin, and may even treat yourself to extra pampering in the way of laser treatments, injectables, or facial plastic surgery.

Is that enough?

The fact is, aging occurs across the entire body. If you are a certain age, you know this. Aching or creaking joints may remind you on a regular basis. However you feel, you want to maintain a look that you feel confident to carry with you. Aside from the telltale signs of aging on your face, there are ways that your age may be revealed. Remember to address areas including the:

  • Women, in particular, are cognizant of their hands. At a certain time in life, you may begin to notice that the veins and tendons on the backs of your hands have grown larger and ropier in appearance. It isn’t that these structures have necessarily expanded; it’s that the fat pads that cover them have become depleted of their volume. Hand rejuvenation has become much more common in recent years. This process may involve laser or light treatments to reduce hyperpigmentation, and dermal fillers to restore youthful plumpness in the right areas.
  • Collagen loss affects the skin on the neck as much as the skin on the face. Here, we often need to correct platysmal bands, those horizontal lines that develop when the platysmal muscle becomes lax and droopy. Neck rejuvenation may also involve dwindling down that double chin. The process is easier than ever thanks to Kybella, though patients should not overlook the value of chin liposuction in combination with neck lift surgery.
  • The brows are often a focal point when patients wish to erase frown lines that have developed over years of staring at a computer or squinting against the sun. The brows are crucial to facial youthfulness in another way, though. When the brow line falls below the upper orbital rim of the eyes, eyelid hooding may develop or become more prominent. Sagging, heavy brows create an appearance of unfriendliness, as well. When help is needed, but surgery is not the preferred solution, turn to Botox or one of its cousins, Xeomin or Dysport.

We’ll help you keep your secrets. Call Luxurgery in New York City for anti-aging treatments developed for your needs.


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