Breast Augmentation Terms to Know

Breast Augmentation New York City, NYBreast augmentation is a popular procedure that was obtained by more than 300,000 women last year alone. The number of breast implant procedures performed has risen consistently over time and continues to do so as innovation improves patient outcomes. Historically, the primary terms that patients were familiar with were largely limited to “saline” and “silicone.” Today, there is much more to know. Because an informed patient is the best kind of patient, we offer a few terms to help you as you move along your breast enhancement journey.


The term “volume” may be one of the most relevant for a patient to know. Many women approach breast augmentation with an idea of size in mind. The size of an implant, however, does not translate into a literal bra cup size. This is why it is important to understand volume. During breast augmentation consultation visits, Dr. Shridharani will discuss the overall size of implants in terms of CCs, or cubic centimeters of saline or silicone within them.


Just as much as size, the profile of selected breast implants will affect the final appearance achieved from surgery. The profile of breast implants describes how far the breasts will project forward from the chest. For more projection, patients may choose a high-profile implant. Lower profile implants sit closer to the chest but still portray fullness and shape.


Ultimately, breast augmentation is about much more than enlarging the size and fullness of the breasts. Without adequate consideration of body type and overall frame, a surgeon risks an outcome that is out of proportion with the body. Proportion may actually be one of the most important terms associated with breast augmentation because it is the key to natural-looking results that a woman will enjoy for many years.

Luxurgery is dedicated to the safest, most comfortable, most successful performance of breast augmentation. As such, Dr. Shridharani is trained in various surgical techniques, including fat transfer for natural breast augmentation and a “no-touch” surgical method that improves the sterility of surgery.

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