Are You Getting Botox for the First Time? Here’s What to Expect

Dermal Fillers New York City, NYCompared to undergoing cosmetic surgery, getting an injectable treatment like Botox may seem pretty uncomplicated. After all, you can go right back to work after your wrinkle-reducing treatment and have virtually zero side effects. In our New York City luxury aesthetic center, we routinely perform Botox treatments, as well as Dysport and Xeomin. It is because this injectable treatment is so popular that we understand the questions and sense of apprehension new patients might have. Here, we discuss what you can expect after your first Botox treatment.

  1.    You may notice some swelling and redness.

Injectable treatments are performed with such a small needle that there is barely any physical sensation during treatment. However, as with all injections, Botox and other cosmetic treatments will probably cause minor swelling and redness. Remember, we refer to injectables as lunchtime treatments. The reason we do this is that swelling and redness typically disappear in less than half an hour. If you have sensitive skin that tends to react a little more intensely, talk with our staff when you schedule. Applying ice or a cold compress immediately after treatment may help.

  1.    Don’t be surprised if you get a headache.

Here is an interesting side effect of Botox treatment: a headache. While studies have not concluded why this happens, we know that it can in some patients. Fortunately, preparedness helps. For your first Botox treatment, you can schedule your appointment when you have a more relaxing day ahead. Also, have Tylenol on hand just in case you are one of the relatively few people who does develop a mild headache after treatment.

  1.    You may wake up with bruises.

Bruising is a common side effect but it doesn’t always develop. When it does, it is usually so mild that bruises can be covered with makeup. Also, bruising is usually noticed the day after treatment rather than right away. Like swelling, it may be possible to decrease the risk of bruising by applying ice for a short time after injections.

Our team has been performing Botox and other injectable treatments for many years. We conduct care in a personalized manner for each patient and are always happy to answer questions.

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