Online Research for Plastic Surgery: Is it a Good Idea?

Plastic Surgery Services New York City, NYWe are in the business of helping people love the way they look. To do this, though, it is necessary for us to present information online. You’re reading this, so you may be in the midst of performing your own research about a particular cosmetic procedure. You may have heard that a well-informed patient is a confident patient. We agree. However, we also know that online research can lead to more questions and misconceptions than viable information. Considering this, we want to discuss how online research for cosmetic procedures can work on your behalf and what you want to avoid.

Making Online Research Count

Perhaps the primary advantage of online research is that it can lead you to the plastic surgeon who will best meet your needs. The success of cosmetic surgery, after all, often comes down to communication between doctor and patient. An experienced surgeon is not difficult to find when you know what to look for. We encourage potential patients to view our Photo Gallery, service pages, and Dr. Shridharani’s bio which demonstrates his board-certification with the American Board of Plastic Surgery and extensive training at Johns Hopkins medical center.

Finding a plastic surgeon with the right training to help you achieve your goals does two things. Most notably, it enables you to achieve your goals! Second to that, though, patients who feel comfortable with the experience level, reviews, before and after photos, and educational background of their surgeon also feel less anxious about their procedure, recovery, and outcome. Nerves related to surgery can also be quelled with information about how your desired procedure is performed. Detailed information regarding plastic surgery procedures can be found online with organizations such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Online Research

What online research cannot do for you is help you decide which procedure will lead to your desired outcome. Often, there are multiple approaches or a combination of treatments that may be needed. Because cosmetic surgery is so nuanced, the only way to know for sure how to achieve what you want is to consult with a cosmetic surgeon face-to-face.

Online research often leads potential patients to forums where they read other people’s accounts of their cosmetic surgery journey. This can have a devastating effect because it can lead to an illusion about what to expect from surgery. No two patients are alike, which means every person’s experience will be unique. Using reviews can help you develop questions for your surgeon, but it cannot provide you with the reliable answers you seek regarding what your surgical experience may be like.

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