When Should Anti-Aging Treatments Begin?

Botox  New York City, NYIt is a widely accepted trend for women – and men – of a certain age to visit their cosmetic surgeon for anti-aging treatments. These may range from surgical lifts to laser treatments to injectables. In any case, turning to a professional for beauty maintenance seems logical. Recently, we are seeing a new trend. Younger adults are doing more than thinking about the future wrinkles that are sure to develop, they are taking preventive action. Is this a waste of money, or is it a stroke of genius?

During childhood, the body generally has a nice amount of “baby fat.” This is just fat, but it tends to reside in all the right places, like the cheeks. It is during our twenties when changes begin to occur. Part of this is a result of UV damage, and part is general wear and tear on the body, and part is simple biology (collagen depletion and thinning skin). Seeing that aging actually starts long before we see the signs, preventive cosmetic care actually makes a lot of sense.

What does it mean to be proactive with your skin?

Ideally, steps to protect “aging” skin begin in childhood. Now that we are well aware of the damaging effects sun exposure has, parents are better equipped to protect their children from unnecessary UV exposure by avoiding long hours in the sun and using broad-spectrum sunscreen.

By age twenty, it is beneficial to have a strong skincare regimen in place; hopefully one that includes medical grade products. Additionally, professional care such as light and laser treatments, microdermabrasion, or chemical peels (or a combination thereof) are advantageous to prolonging the appearance of youthful skin.

What about Botox and fillers?

Botox and dermal fillers are recognized wrinkle-reducers. What value could they possibly have for signs of aging that haven’t even occurred yet? A lot, it turns out. More younger adults are seeking Botox treatment in a preventive manner to minimize the muscular pull on the skin. One benefit to early Botox treatment is that wrinkles seem to develop later than they would otherwise. A second benefit is that, when this injectable is used to prevent wrinkles rather than correct them, less product may be necessary, which means a more affordable process.

Injectables are not a substitute for skin-boosting treatments that promote healthy cellular turnover and collagen production. They can, however, complement high-quality skincare. To learn more about the treatments available in our NYC office, call (212) 508-0000.

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