Aging Eyes Don’t Have to Downgrade Your Beauty

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) New York City, NYWe’re all going to age. That’s something we know that we cannot bypass. What we can bypass, however, are the numerous consequences of aging. Aesthetic medicine provides some treatments and surgical protocols to mitigate the effects of the natural aging process. Here, we want to discuss the common concerns that affect the eyes and what can be done to make sure beauty is not downgraded by them.


Upper eyelid hooding is not always an age-related problem. Some people naturally have more skin on this part of the eye, or they have less distance between the lash line and the brow line. Another factor in the appearance of the upper eyelid is the position of the brows on the forehead. A drooping brow is naturally going to push the skin on the upper lid down. This can mean that the extra skin obstructs the crease of the upper eyelid.

The solution: The way that we treat upper eyelid hooding will correlate with the original problem. Blepharoplasty may be necessary if there is an abundance of tissue hanging over the eyelid crease. If necessary, we can incorporate a brow lift into the treatment plan to maximize results. Alternatively, eyelid surgery may be enhanced with a BOTOX brow lift. In minor cases of hooding completely related to the drop of the brow line, we may suggest either a surgical or non-surgical brow lift.


Puffiness is usually a problem that affects the lower eyelid. The reason that this may occur or worsen with age is that the skin that keeps underlying fatty tissue supported loses its firmness. The more degradation that occurs, the more the undereye area may bag.

The solution: One of the most popular ways of treating undereye bags is to hide them. Dermal filler treatment can make it seem as though puffiness has disappeared, but it does not correct the issue related to structure. To gain long-term improvement requires lower blepharoplasty.


The skin on various parts of the body becomes thin with age. The eyes are very noticeable due to the delicate nature of this tissue.

The solution: Non-surgical treatments such as gentle laser skin resurfacing may tighten up loose and thinned skin. Additionally, the heat from laser and light treatments promote ongoing collagen production for improved firmness and thickness.

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