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Facial Surgery New York City, NYBeauty is a topic of interest for men and women of all ages. It may look different from one person to another, but what beauty does is help each of us feel good in our own skin. Whatever beauty looks like for you, you deserve to embody that. As we make our way firmly into a new year, we continue to think about new beginnings. If you want a new beginning that revolves around your personal beauty, we can help. At Luxurgery in NYC, there are numerous surgical and non-surgical approaches one can take for full facial rejuvenation.

We Know Facial Aging

The reason why aging can be such a challenge is that it can be hard to identify the true source of change. Years of scientific research has shed light on this. From the knowledge that has been gained, the medical community has developed effective solutions that target the proper source of cosmetic concerns. Examples include:

  • Neurotoxins like Botox have a therapeutic effect on muscles. By preventing the uptake of certain chemicals, a mild neurotoxin prevents the strong contractions that lead to lines and creases on the upper part of the face.
  • Dermal fillers like Juvéderm address the underlying cause of problems like laugh lines. The creases the form around the nose and mouth relate to the decrease in fatty tissue in the mid face. Dermal fillers introduce hyaluronic acid beneath the skin where particles of product adhere to water molecules. The buildup of fluid smooths lines and rejuvenates the face.
  • Kybella, one of our most popular treatments, has been developed with fat in mind. A Kybella treatment places deoxycholic acid into an area of localized fat. Over several days, the acid affects the walls of fat cells. The disruption alerts the body to “damaged” cells that need to be eliminated. Natural fat reduction at it’s finest! Dr. Shridharani is a pioneer in the use of Kybella for multiple purposes, including double-chin reduction and body contouring.

Your desire for a youthful looking face is understood in our office. More than that, our understanding of facial aging makes us an excellent resource to achieve the natural-looking beauty you deserve. Learn more about facial rejuvenation at Luxurgery in NYC. Contact us at (212) 508-0000.

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