Fat: We Giveth and We Taketh Away

In recent history, the general consensus has been that fat is a “bad” thing. We don’t want extra fat on the body if we can help it. Most recently, we have even seen a general lean toward not wanting extra fact on the face. Our widespread perception of fat and its general lack of value has been met with a challenge, though. Now, the cosmetic world is beginning to see that there are advantages to fatty tissue. At Luxurgery, patients in New York City can benefit from our knowledge about fat and our ability to use this tissue judiciously for the greatest cosmetic gains.

Fat Grafting for Improved Beauty

The development of safe and effective fat grafting techniques has been a game-changer in the world of beauty. Through years of study, scientists have figured out that we actually need fat, particularly on the face. Many of the signs of aging, including jowls and smile lines, are related to the loss of necessary fatty tissue across the cheeks. We don’t begin to sag at the jawline because we have gained fat but because the fat that was held at the mid-face has fallen. Interestingly, an outstanding remedy for sagging jowls is to add fat to the cheeks. By elevating the cheeks with natural fatty tissue, the lower face gets a minor lift. Will this work for everyone? No. There are still instances in which tissue laxity requires a surgical lift. However, fat grafting to the cheeks and other parts of the body (natural breast augmentation, anyone?) is a technique we suspect will continue to improve.

Fat Reduction for Beautiful Curves

Not surprisingly, there is still more interest in removing unwanted fat than in adding fat to enhance curves. The prevalence of fat reduction inquiries has led to some pretty interesting advances in medicine. In our office, fat can be removed in a number of ways. Liposuction remains a common technique, though particular technologies now help us customize each treatment. For those who want fabulous results without surgery, there is CoolSculpting. Advancing even further, Dr. Shridharani has become an expert in the use of Kybella injections for face and body contouring. Kybella is normally performed on the chin to eliminate submental fullness but also achieves promising results in correcting gynecomastia and excess fat in the arms, legs, and other areas.

Fat doesn’t have to be an issue if you don’t want it to be. Learn more about our innovative methods for handling fatty tissue for cosmetic purposes. Contact us at (212) 508-0000 to schedule a visit to Luxurgery.

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