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Fat transfer nyc | LuxurgeryAs you Spring Clean your closet, you may be coming face to face with your go-to summertime fashions. As you do, a flurry of thoughts may form. “I can’t wear white pants with this cellulite!” “That skirt is waaay to short for these thighs!” “I will never fill out this bathing suit top.” How depressing, really! Instead of fearing what’s to come, throwing out clothing you would love to wear, or settling for less than what you envision for yourself, call Luxurgery. Here, you and your NYC cosmetic surgeon can collaborate on the best beauty-building strategies.

It’s a Give and Take with Fat Transfer

Not so long ago, we would hear jokes about taking fat from a larger part of the body and placing it someplace where it could do some good. These sentiments were made in jest, but they also expressed a sort of wishful thinking. Well, it’s not wishful thinking anymore, and talk about a double-whammy! Fat transfer removes fat cells from an area where you have some to spare. It could be that the coveted thigh gap is created by taking some fat from the inner thighs. The cells that are harvested are spun to separate out their purest ingredients, and then we can put them pretty much wherever you want.

Fat transfer can be used to build up a rounder, more lifted booty. The fat cells we harvest can add volume to the breasts, or to the lips, cheeks, or the backs of your hands! To see what’s possible, give us a call.

Not the Surgery Type?

Just because you have an aversion to cosmetic surgery (at least at the moment) doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on sculpting your shape to meet your preferences. In our 5th Avenue, NY plastic surgery practice, we believe in choices. Body sculpting may be performed in the office using the CoolSculpting device, which literally freezes the liquid within unwanted fat cells. When lipids crystallize, the cell is perceived as damaged and it is metabolized.

Get into the best shape for you with help from our experienced team. Call (212) 508-0000.

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