Want to Skip the Extra Sweat this Summer?

MiraDry nyc | LuxurgeryYou know that you have to sweat. Sweating is the body’s way of maintaining it’s ideal temperature, and also of eliminating toxins. Sweating is one thing, but sweating profusely – and often – is another. Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, may occur in the underarm area, the hands, or sometimes the soles of the feet. In any of these situations, the problem creates both physical and psychological discomfort. Enough so that scientists have been hard at work toward a solution.

Historically, excessive sweating would be managed with mega-strength antiperspirants, even prescription forms. This may improve comfort somewhat, but not in every case. More convenient and longer-lasting solutions were needed. The development of Botox facilitated this for many people. And now, we’ve got yet another way to stop sweat glands from overreacting to every little thing.

We are pleased to offer the latest, proven treatment for the problem of excessive sweating, miraDry. This FDA cleared procedure doesn’t just decrease the degree of sweating for a few months at a time, it eliminates the problem altogether. Along with excessive sweat, you also get to say goodbye to the odor that it causes.

Why Patients find miraDry Appealing

The draw to miraDry treatment goes beyond the elimination of sweat glands, and with it, sweat. Additional advantages of this treatment include:

  • The process is convenient and produces little to no discomfort both during and after treatment.
  • The built-in cooling mechanism of the miraDry hand-piece not only improves comfort, but it also preserves healthy skin and tissue surrounding the target area.
  • Most patients enjoy immediate results from treatment. Oh yes, these results are also permanent.
  • Only one or two treatments are usually needed to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Once sweat glands have been treated, no future “touch-ups” are needed.
  • There is no downtime associated with miraDry treatment. Patients are only asked to postpone strenuous exercise for a short time.
  • The body maintains its ability to cool itself, while sweat does not increase in other areas.

There is finally a way to put an end to excessive sweating without surgery. If you would like to do away with the need to change shirts during your day, let’s talk. miraDry is a safe method of treating hyperhidrosis, and it is available to you in our New York City office.  Call (212) 508-0000.

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