Liposuction: What You Should Know

For several years now, liposuction has been the procedure that people turn to when stubborn fat needs to go away for good. This surgical procedure continues to be one of the leading techniques used to sculpt various parts of the body. In our NYC plastic surgery practice, patients have options in how unwanted fat is addressed. Deciding to have liposuction is a personal decision that is best made with factual information. As long as this surgery has been around, it may seem surprising that factual information can be hard to come by. Here, we discuss the details you need to know about liposuction in order to be truly happy with the outcome of this procedure.

What Liposuction is Really About

During a liposuction procedure, several liters of fat can be removed. This may be from one area, such as the abdomen, or from multiple areas treated during the same procedure. Because the amount of fat removed looks significant, many people expect to lose weight after their surgery. This expectation is a fast path to disappointment. Liposuction is not about weight loss. It is about fat loss. That can sound confusing. The interesting fact about fat is that the several liters removed during liposuction actually doesn’t weight very much. Instead of looking at the scale, patients should look in the mirror to enjoy the best effects of their procedure.

What Happens After Liposuction

Misconceptions about liposuction also revolve around weight gain after treatment. Articles have been written warning that “fat returns after liposuction.” This is inaccurate. Fat does not come back. The body does not grow new fat cells. However, if a person does not eat well or exercise after liposuction, they are at risk for weight gain. Body shape changes when fat cells expand. Liposuction does not remove a vast amount of fat cells and therefore weight gain is a real possibility after liposuction just as it would be beforehand. Undergoing liposuction does not increase your risk of rogue weight gain. In fact, you may experience increased motivation to boost your wellness routine to sustain your new appearance.

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