The Male Breast Discussion Needs to be Had

As a seasoned plastic surgeon, Dr. Shridharani understands that a person’s confidence is directly related to their appearance. While appearance is not the sole contributor to self-esteem, it is a prominent one. For example, the appearance of male breasts has led many men to drastically alter their lives. Some avoid certain situations such as pool parties or days at the beach. Some men wear extremely loose clothing to try and hide enlarged breasts. Some try to compress them. Some make substantial reductions in daily caloric intake. Trying to beat gynecomastia with these habits can feel like an unwinnable battle. It may be. However, it is possible to send man boobs packing. Here, we discuss how.

Understanding Gynecomastia

For many years, there has been minimal understanding of male breast enlargement. Even with several studies demonstrating scientific evidence of cause, many men look at gynecomastia as their fault. If only they worked out more or lost more weight. The truth is that weight is only a cause of what is called pseudo-gynecomastia. It’s nothing more than weight. In true gynecomastia, several factors may be working behind the scenes. Examples include hormones, medications, and genetics. The effects of these factors may not resolve on their own even once they are under control. For this reason, men should get to know their options for treating gynecomastia. They also must have the information they need to discern which options are proven to work and which are not.

Gynecomastia Correction Surgery

Male breast enlargement is a common condition, so plastic surgeons developed a procedure to treat it. Male breast reduction is also referred to as gynecomastia surgery. This procedure is customized to address varying degrees of breast enlargement, from puffy nipples to severe enlargement involving excess skin. The intent behind gynecomastia surgery, regardless of technique, is to restore masculine curvature to the chest. The protocol may involve liposuction alone, Kybella injections (a technique developed by Dr. Shridharani), breast gland excision along with tissue removal, and skin tightening.

It isn’t your fault that you have enlarged breasts. You deserve to feel at home in your body and confident about your appearance. We can help. Call (212) 508-0000 to schedule a gynecomastia consultation at our NYC office.

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