What to Do About Your Aging Neck

Getting older comes with some expected changes. We know we’ll see a few more creases around the eyes and on the forehead. We may know that our jawline could soften into jowls at some point. We know our joints may creak now and then. There are often unexpected changes, too. An aging neck is one of them. Here, like the area around the eyes, the skin is incredibly delicate. Not only is the neck skin vulnerable to the effects of aging, it is also susceptible to sun damage. And these are only a few of the factors that can make this part of the body look older than we’d like, sooner than we’d like.

Factors in the Aging Neck

Biological factors aside, there are a variety of reasons the neck may become loose, saggy, and creased. Here, we have fewer oil glands than are found elsewhere. As a result, the neck skin may dry out more quickly than other parts of the body. This can be addressed with nightly use of a quality skin cream made just for the neck. Interestingly, studies have shown that we may also age the neck faster through our persistent use of smartphones and other portable technology. 

Last year, as the world dealt with ongoing social isolation and work-from-home situations forced by the novel coronavirus, the use of digital devices increased by up to 185% among individuals of all ages. Working from home using a laptop, we use a head-down type of posture. Using a smartphone or other small device, the head-down, head-forward posture is even more pronounced. In this posture, the weight of the head, which is about 10 pounds, is placed on the neck. Skin compression is the natural result of this position. Over time and continued use, we can develop what has been dubbed “tech neck.”

How to Manage an Aging Neck 

Knowing that the skin and superficial tissue on the neck will age over time, we can begin caring for this area as early in life as possible. Sunscreen should be applied daily, not only to the neck but also to the chest. As we mentioned, a quality moisturizer should be applied to the neck every night before bed. Some people even apply silicone sheets to the neck and chest to ward off wrinkles. As beneficial as it is to provide ongoing skincare to the neck from an early age, it is also never too late to address the signs of aging here. There are several options to choose from. Examples include:

  • Routine chemical peels
  • Microneedling with PRP
  • Laser resurfacing
  • InstaLift
  • Facelift

Dr. Shridharani has also developed a unique neck lift technique called the MINT Lift. This Minimally Invasive Neck Tightening procedure is customized to each individual to address the underlying causes of their aging neck. 

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