Let’s Get the Mommy Makeover Party Started!

Mommy Makeover  New York City Mommy makeover treatment can have a meaningful impact on a woman’s life. The techniques that correct the effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding combine to quickly restore shape where excess fat and deflated tissue have covered it up. As exciting as the makeover process can be, it is a process that needs to be approached with care. Here, we discuss how you can do that.

Where to Spend the Most Time

The bulk of your attention before a mommy makeover will be directed toward finding a surgeon. If this takes weeks or months, know that it is the step that will have the biggest impact on your experience. A mommy makeover should be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon with an established practice in the United States. You want to be able to contact your surgeon easily before and after your procedure should questions or concerns arise. You also want to know without a doubt that your surgeon has the experience needed to achieve your desired outcome. Talk to the staff. Read patient reviews. Ask many, many questions, before you select a surgeon.

After you have chosen a surgeon with whom you feel extremely comfortable, prepare for surgery by:

  •        Prioritizing your health. Whether you have a few weeks or a few months before your mommy makeover surgery, you have time to nourish your body. If you smoke, quit. If you use nicotine products, stop or at least cut back. Nicotine gets in the way of optimal healing by inhibiting optimal blood flow and preventing the oxygenation of tissues and the skin. Also, consume foods that are highly nourishing to get your body into efficiency mode.
  •        Schedule downtime. Arrange for about two weeks off work. This includes Mommy-ing! For the first week, you will spend the majority of your time resting. The second week, you may be more mobile but may still tire easily. Don’t rush back into a full-time routine.
  •        Assemble your assistants. We’ll be frank; you will need help with just about everything for the first few days of your recovery. This includes getting to the bathroom, brushing your teeth and hair, bathing, and taking medication. Those whom you enlist to help during this time need to know just how much assistance you will need. They need to be on-board all the way, and so do you.

Do you have questions about mommy makeover surgery? Contact our NYC office at (212) 508-0000 to schedule a consultation. Check back here for our next post, where we will discuss what to expect after a mommy makeover.

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