Want to Know More about Mommy Makeover Recovery?

A mommy makeover is a multifaceted process that corrects cosmetic concerns as they affect each mother. While no two treatment plans are exactly alike, the recovery period after a mommy makeover may look somewhat similar for all patients across the board. Here, we discuss a few of the common experiences shared by mommy makeover patients to give you an idea of what you might encounter as you heal from your transformative surgery.

It’s a bit of a whirlwind at first.

Surgery day is a whirlwind. Soon after you arrive at the surgery center, you will be briefed about your procedures and will be prepared for anesthesia. The general anesthesia causes deep sedation that will take some time to resolve. Initially, you will be observed by nursing staff in the surgical recovery room. Once you are alert enough to stand and take a few steps with assistance, you will be released to your chosen caregiver to be taken home. Your caregiver will need to help you at all times, ensuring you take your medication and can safely get to the bathroom. Throughout your first 24 hours, you will probably feel quite groggy and will remember very little.

About Aches and Pains

You may anticipate aches and pains in areas such as your breasts and tummy, but soreness may extend elsewhere. In particular, abdominoplasty patients might develop a mild ache in their low back area. This is because the abdominal muscles are quite contracted after a tummy tuck and will prevent upright posture. As you progress through your first week of recovery, these sensations should all improve.

Medication and Constipation

As beneficial and necessary as your prescription pain medication is, it might also cause side effects like constipation. This is not a reason to forego your pain-relieving prescription. To skip the recommended dose is to invite unnecessary pain and stress. Take your medication. If constipation is a concern, talk with your doctor. A stool softener could be an easy remedy.

The Emotional Rollercoaster

Surgical recovery can be a doozy of a ride. Feeling a range of emotions is not an indication that you made a bad decision to have surgery, it means your mind and body have been through a significant event. Moving from laughing to crying in the blink of an eye is not abnormal; it happens to patients of all kinds, including those who undergo heart surgery and all kinds of cosmetic procedures. When you see this effect as normal, it can even feel cathartic.

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