When it Comes to Cosmetic Surgery, Skip the Myths and Get the Facts

plastic surgery nyc | cosmetic surgery nyIn today’s high-tech society, the first thing most of us do when we want information is we ask Google. If you’re discerning about your search, you may have good luck. The truth is, a lot of the information that is returned in a Google search is, well, a little more mythical then factual. This is the last thing you want if the topic of interest is cosmetic surgery. We want to make sure that you do not fall prey to myths like the following:

A surgeon is a surgeon is a surgeon.

Not so! For a doctor to advertise him or herself as a cosmetic surgeon, they need only to complete medical school training and their elected courses on a set of procedures such as injectables, fat reducing treatments, eyelid surgery and so on. When we say elective courses, this could mean a one or two day class.  A plastic surgeon on the other hand, has undergone rigorous training throughout a three-year surgical residency; and this is before moving on to an additional three years of plastic surgery focus. It’s all about the credentials. Dr. Shridharani performed a residency in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Johns Hopkins, as well as a Fellowship in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in New York City.

There’s nothing wrong with a good deal.

This is absolutely true if you’re talking about a pair of shoes! In the area of cosmetic plastic surgery, cost is a factor that sits near the end of the list of important considerations. Whatever the results of your plastic surgery, you need to live with them every day for many years to come. With that in mind, you quickly see that it is the training, experience, and reputation of your surgeon that far outweigh any deal on services.

Breast augmentation need only be done once.

Breast augmentation procedures continue to outnumber many other facial and body treatments. When consulting with patients, one of the important aspects for which we prepare them is the potential need to replace implants after about 15 years. Even if the tissue around implants remains supple, i.e. no scar tissue, the natural changes that cause breasts to sag may lead to the desire for revision.

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