A Mommy Makeover can Change More than your Shape

Mommy MakeoverThe Mommy Makeover has become a popular method of body sculpting over the past several years. While there are a number of innovative non-surgical fat-reducing, skin-tightening types of treatment available today, none of them can do what a true Mommy Makeover can, and none seem to have the dramatic psychological benefits of this comprehensive treatment.

What is Involved in a Mommy Makeover

The fact that this treatment is not a singular procedure, but a unique combination of procedures, is what makes the Mommy Makeover so special. This approach to reshaping the body is customized to each individual. Why? Because pregnancy effects every woman differently! Your concerns may be isolated to your midsection while another woman may be struggling to regain confidence in her body after her breasts have lost volume and firmness due to breastfeeding. The makeover process is designed to address specific concerns, and will involve one or more techniques in order to reinstate a pre-pregnancy figure.

The Hidden Effects of Surgical Body-shaping

The primary reason that a woman seeks body-shaping after becoming a mother is to address that changes that were prompted by pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. It doesn’t matter if the makeover occurs in the first year after the final pregnancy or long after babies have evolved into energetic children, a Mommy Makeover seems to change just as much about a woman’s perspective as it does her physical shape.

  • Many women who seek cosmetic plastic surgery to regain a pre-pregnancy physique find that they feel even more confident after they have healed and discovered a renewed sense of satisfaction in their shape.
  • This enhanced confidence is reflected in professional and personal relationships. A quick visit to the Real Self forum site and you will read of numerous women whose families were just as happy with the positive changes in their loved one after her Mommy Makeover!
  • With a new way of looking at her body, a mother is in a better position to encourage positive self-image in her children from a place of authenticity. It is difficult to teach children to love themselves as they are when you hate looking in the mirror yourself.

Appearance is not about vanity; it is about self-awareness and, in part, about self-worth. If your post-pregnancy shape is cause for concern, you deserve to explore your options for improvement. Reach out! We’re here to provide the information you need!

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