Which Cosmetic Surgeries are the Most Conservative?

Plastic Surgery Services New York City , NYThe idea of having a new look can be exciting. However, the thrill that most people feel when first thinking about cosmetic surgery may quickly dissipate when they think about the concept of surgery. This is why non-surgical modalities have become so popular in recent years. The thing is, surgery is still the best way to get noticeable, long-lasting results. We understand the concerns that patients have; we have them too. That’s why we follow the philosophy that less is more whenever possible. Here, we discuss a few of the most conservative surgeries that are performed today.

Natural Breast Augmentation

The current trend in breast size is ideal for the natural breast augmentation technique. Many women are far more interested in enhancing the shape of their breasts using organic material (fat) than foreign substances (implants). Natural breast augmentation involves simple liposuction to obtain the necessary amount of fatty tissue. After gently vacuuming fat from an area such as the thighs or abdomen, fat cells are strategically introduced into the breasts to add fullness and contouring. There are no incisions, only a minor nick through which the cannula can be inserted. Therefore, there is virtually no scarring.


Various liposuction techniques have been developed over the years. This allows us to meet the needs of each patient better. The use of innovative technologies in liposuction has made it possible to perform gentle fat removal on a broader range of areas, including the chest, back, arms, buttocks, hips, waist, and thighs. Examples of advanced technologies include ultrasound, lasers, and vibration. The use of special devices disrupts fat cells to assist with conservative extraction and simplified recovery.

Drainless Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck surgery is typically not considered very conservative. The procedure usually involves a hip-to-hip incision and tissue modification to reposition muscles that have separated or loosened. Historically, tummy tuck patients have needed drains to facilitate fluid drainage during the first few weeks after surgery. Dr. Shridharani has developed a unique suturing method that eliminates the need for drains after mini-tuck procedures, making recovery more straightforward and more comfortable.

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