What Happens After Cosmetic Surgery?

Plastic Surgery Services New York City , NYUndergoing cosmetic surgery can be one of the most exciting and meaningful experiences a person has. There are enormous gains to be enjoyed when you decide to enhance an aspect of your appearance. While most people who consult with a plastic surgeon have questions about their recovery process, such as how to manage pain and when they will be able to resume normal activities, few question how their emotions may fluctuate as they make their way toward their new self. This is something worth discussing.

The more that can be understood before surgery, the better. As it pertains to emotions, patients may expect to feel somewhat jittery with excitement and apprehension as treatment planning begins. Pre-surgery, these feelings may pop up frequently. After surgery, though, it’s a smooth ride, right? Not really.

Week One – Oh my goodness!

Swelling, bruising, and soreness are common side effects of surgery. Patients expect this, but what they may not expect is the development of the blues during the first week post-surgery, when there is little they can do but sleep and rest. The lack of usual routine can feel somewhat unsettling, especially when physical recuperation is at its peak. We suggest planning well for recovery by scheduling time with a supportive friend or loved one, and by staying positive with enjoyable entertainment like music and movies.

Months 1 to 3 – I don’t recognize myself.

Not recognizing the person in the mirror can create a whole new wave of doubts. Throughout the first month after surgery, swelling may subside relatively quickly, and the new nuances of facial or physical appearance start to become evident. As exciting as this is, there is also a transition happening in the brain. It is essential to remain patient and to understand that all change, no matter how positive, can be challenging. It doesn’t mean a mistake has been made.

Months 3 to 6 – This is fantastic!

At the end-stage of recovery, when only minimal swelling remains and all bruising has dissipated, the final results that had been so desired a few months ago are coming into full view. By this time after surgery, most patients reach that state of elation they expected to feel when they set out on their journey. According to statistics, more than 95% of breast augmentation and tummy tuck patients feel incredibly happy with their decision, and 90% of facelift patients express the same feelings.

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