What are the Factors that Help Maintain Breast Lift Results?

The idea of having breast lift surgery can be incredibly exciting. The appearance of the breasts is indicative of youthfulness and general health. Women of various ages inevitably encounter the issue of sagging and, in many cases, want to do something about this problem. When they do, many ask if the results of breast lift surgery will last. The bigger question beneath this one is whether or not breast lift surgery is worth the effort and investment.

In the bigger picture, it is easy to say that breast lift surgery is worth it because we have seen the way this procedure can improve a woman’s sense of self. That alone is reason enough to consider a procedure that reshapes the breasts. Even if we want to get more specific, we can say that breast lift surgery is worth it because we know what leads to breast sagging and how to prolong the results of a well-planned lift. This is what we will focus on here.

Why Breasts Droop

Breasts can deflate and become saggy after pregnancy and breastfeeding. But it isn’t necessarily these experiences themselves that are responsible for changes in the breasts. The reason we point them out is that, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, the breasts enlarge. Where there is enlargement, we see increased weight. After breastfeeding, breast volume can decrease significantly, leaving obvious signs of gravity. In addition to pregnancy and breastfeeding, we have to look at weight fluctuations and aging as factors that contribute to breast sag.

How to Nurture Perky Breasts after Breast Lift Surgery

There is little that can be done to avoid the process of aging. There is, however, quite a bit that can be done about the aging process itself. Women who have undergone breast lift surgery can think in terms of smaller matters rather than the bigger issue of breast drooping. Smaller matters that matter include collagen and muscle tone.

  • Collagen is necessary for firm skin and strong connective tissue. With age, collagen production slows down. To improve collagen production, some studies suggest taking time-released vitamin C on a daily basis.
  • Muscle tone isn’t just for bodybuilders. A few chest exercises, including plank pose, yoga, and resistance training, can go a long way in toning the muscles that support breast tissue.

There is immense value in feeling good about yourself. Therefore, there is one very good reason to consider breast lift surgery to correct deflation and droop. To learn more, call our NYC office at (212) 508-0000.

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