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Minimally Invasive Procedures New York

We can Keep Secrets. Can you?

We only divulge our secrets to those closest to us. For many people, one of the biggest tidbits of information they’d like to keep tucked way safely is their age. No one needs to know how old you are! To maintain privacy around your age, you may do all the right things. You’re taking good […]

Facelift New York

That Facelift Comes with Homework

For full-fledged facial rejuvenation, patients of Luxurgery in NYC often choose to undergo a surgical facelift. This procedure has evolved over time and is now recognized as an optimal method for lifting and smoothing the superficial tissues of the face. After a facelift with your experienced, board-certified cosmetic surgeon, you can expect to look years […]

Why a Facelift may be in your Future

Since the humble beginnings of aesthetic medicine, a lot has happened. It seems like we hear about an innovative new device, treatment, or product every few months. Facial rejuvenating treatments are being developed at breakneck speed, and this can create more than a fair share of confusion for those who want to resolve the various […]

Ready to get Proactive about Aging?

  As a result of several innovations in aesthetic medicine, men and women of all ages now have the ability to meet their changing needs as they go through life. The variety of procedures available today are designed to meet specific concerns ranging from mild laxity to under eye bags to deep furrows between the […]

Slim your Chin with Kybella

A double chin can be a major problem that causes you to feel dissatisfied with your appearance. Often, the presence of submental fullness gives the illusion of excess weight. While a double chin is, in fact, excess fat, this problem is not indicative of obesity by any means. However, most people who struggle with a […]

What Is A Rhytidectomy?

A rhytidectomy is more commonly referred to as a facelift. If you’re looking for a way to counteract the negative effects of aging and improve your appearance, this procedure may be a good option for you. Keep reading to learn more. The Basics A traditional facelift involves removing extra skin and fat while lifting the […]

Taking Care Of The Skin Around Your Eyes

The skin around your eyes can make you look older, tired, and stressed, or it can help you look young and healthy. If you want to look your best and retain your youthful appearance, it is essential to take care of the fragile skin around your eyes. The following tips can help you get started. […]

Is Stress Damaging Your Appearance?

In many ways, your physical appearance is a reflection of your physical health. You know that too much stress is bad for your health, so it follows that too much stress can also damage your appearance. Here’s what you should know. Wrinkles When you are stressed you are more likely to frown or furrow your […]

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