Is the Red Carpet Calling?

Plastic Surgery ServicesIt’s Red Carpet Season, and that has many of us virtually giddy with anticipation. What will our favorite celebrities wear to this awards show or that one? How will they wear their hair? Amidst these questions, there is one certainty: those whom we love to admire will look as beautiful as ever as if they haven’t aged one day since last year’s awards shows. How do they do it? We have an idea, and we can help you look and feel as beautiful as ever while you enjoy the many Red Carpets of the season.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

There are some laser technologies that are used today to reduce hyperpigmentation, vascular lesions, sun spots, and other signs of aging and UV damage. Usually, we want to schedule laser treatments a week or more away from any special event. Our Sciton laser is adjustable, which enables us to completely customize the intensity of coagulation and ablation to each. Therefore, we can perform micro-resurfacing to deep resurfacing and everything in between. Speak with Dr. Shridharani about your desired outcome to ensure your treatment is scheduled appropriately for your needs.

Injectable Rejuvenation

Injectables have been a significant step forward for aesthetic medicine, affording us the opportunity to correct signs of aging without downtime and, in many cases, without so much as wait time to see results. Dr. Shridharani is an expert in the use of Kybella (both on and off-label) and other injectable products and can successfully treat a wide variety of concerns, ranging from jowls to drooping eyebrows to forehead lines and more.

No More Sweat

One of the things that make the Red Carpet magical is that no one ever breaks a sweat. Is it that celebrities have simply learned to overcome their nerves? We think not. If you never want to let them see you sweat, consider visiting our NYC office for MiraDry permanent sweat reduction treatment. Permanence comes from multiple treatment sessions, but immediate results are also obtained so that you can leave our office with a new sense of confidence.

We’re here to help you discover the best path toward a new and improved you. Call (212) 508-0000 to schedule your visit to our luxury NYC cosmetic surgery office.

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