Abdominoplasty / Tummy Tuck Patient

Abdominoplasty/ Tummy Tuck Patient #4

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Details for Abdominoplasty/ Tummy Tuck Patient #4


40 year-old female presented to Dr. Shridharani’s plastic surgery office in New York City requesting improvement of her abdomen and waist. She has a history of having several abdominal procedures for medical issues and was deemed to be healthy and clear to have cosmetic surgery. As a beautiful young woman, she was very displeased with the appearance of her scars, excess abdominal skin, and fullness in the abdomen. She had seen other plastic surgeons with the same concerns, but did not want drains or tubes during her recovery, since she had already experienced the unpleasant nature of drains with her prior abdominal surgeries. The patient underwent a TubelessTuck (no-drain abdominoplasty/tummy tuck). She is pictured here 1 week prior to surgery and 1 year later with a well-placed low incision that hides in her bikini bottom.

Age: 40
Procedure: Tummy Tuck

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