Don’t Let Kenny Rogers Scare You Away from Facelift Surgery

Facelift New York City , NY We’ve all seen bad plastic surgery. The problem with high-profile celebrities taking risks with their appearance is that we perceive these people as having all the money they need to collaborate with the best surgeons. When the outcome of surgery is over-the-top, such as Kenny Rogers’ too-tight eyelids and facelift, it’s easy for people to think it was the surgery itself to blame. When this is the perception, a person who would like to have more control over their aging process may hesitate to obtain the quality of care that is readily available.

Here, we set the record straight.

The Truth About Facelifts

We’ll begin with Kenny Rogers himself, who admitted to People magazine, “I’m not happy out it,” after a botched eyelid surgery that changed the singer’s look permanently.  Now, to set the record straight about facelifts in general:

  1. Facelift surgery can look natural. Most facelift surgeries do look very natural; so natural that no one other than who has been explicitly told knows a person has had work done. Dr. Shridharani has been performing facial rejuvenation procedures for years and routinely incorporates a conservative eye with an artful perspective that addresses multiple signs of aging, not just sagging skin. Using a multi-dimensional approach avoids the over-tightened appearance many people fear.
  2. Facelift recovery is not that bad. A facelift will result in bruising and swelling, yes. These side effects may appear pretty intense for a few days, but that’s about it. After the initial swelling and bruising peak, these side effects diminish significantly over the next 14 days. Patients are usually back to work at the two-week mark without the need for prescription pain medication.
  3. Facelift results don’t last forever. The beloved Joan Rivers and even Jane Fonda can attest to the fact that a facelift doesn’t stop the aging process. Your genes and lifestyle habits will affect how your face and body ages over time. Fortunately, there are several strategies to extend the rejuvenating effects of a facelift.

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