Why a Facelift may be in your Future

facelift nyc | LuxurgerySince the humble beginnings of aesthetic medicine, a lot has happened. It seems like we hear about an innovative new device, treatment, or product every few months. Facial rejuvenating treatments are being developed at breakneck speed, and this can create more than a fair share of confusion for those who want to resolve the various signs of facial aging now.

We are all for the non-surgical revolution that is going on, and we offer choices that help our patients dip their toes into the sea of facial rejuvenation at a pace that feels comfortable to them. When the time comes to banish several of the common concerns that occur with age, a facelift is still the best option. Here’s why . . .

A surgical facelift can do in one day what other individual treatments would take months to achieve. When you want to look your best, you really don’t want to wait. With a facelift, we can:

Sharpen the Jaw Line

Ah, the jaw line. The bony ridge that delineates the face from the neck is one of the areas that signals youth. We don’t typically appreciate this completely until it is too late. The onset of saggy jowls and a soft jaw line can make it difficult not to stand up and take notice. At this point, non-surgical treatments like skin-tightening with radiofrequency or ultrasound may not be enough to achieve the true desired result, which is a more sculpted jaw line (and the end of those sagging jowls).

Restore the Submental Angle

On the other side of the jaw line, we have the chin. As skin and tissue from the mid-face down start to droop, it is quite likely that you will notice the development of a double chin. It’s like a double-whammy when volume accumulates at both the jowls and under the chin! With a facelift, the lifted sub-structure of connective tissue and superficial muscle can reinstate a sharper angle from the chin to the neck.

Contour the Cheeks

Cheek plumping is not often done with dermal fillers, or sometimes with fat injections. Both are adequate in minor cases of volume loss. In fact, the filling procedure is also commonly performed as an adjunct to the facelift. The restructuring of underlying muscle tissue better supports the volume that is added with fat or other naturally-occurring substances, which means longer lasting restults.

We understand your desire for the best results with the least invasive techniques. Let’s discuss your end-goal for facial rejuvenation in a private consultation. Call our NYC cosmetic surgery office at (212) 508-0000.

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