Male Breast Reduction: Is it Necessary?

Male Aesthetic Surgery New York City, NYThe words “male” and “breast” do not go well together. We have a particular idea of what a man’s chest looks like and nowhere in any description that is commonly used would we imagine to hear the term “breasts.” Breasts are something for women. Pecs are something for men. At least this is the assumption. Because of our expectations regarding physical shape, men whose breasts have grown beyond the norm may struggle for years with diminished body image. They don’t need to. Here, we discuss what may cause gynecomastia in teens and adult men and what we can do to correct the overgrowth of breast tissue.

Science Provides Serious Insight

As researchers have explored the issue of gynecomastia, they have discovered that more than half of teen boys develop excess breast tissue to some extent. Studies also suggest that more than 60% of adult men have breasts that are larger than they should be. In teens, there is substantial evidence that hormones are the primary cause of breast growth. This can be good news because, in most cases, breast size decreases to a more masculine form as testosterone increases and estrogen decreases. Boys whose breasts are quite large or who do not see size diminish after two years may want to talk with a doctor about hormone testing and treatment for gynecomastia.

Men may also harbor excess breast tissue because of an overproduction of estrogen. However, science has not indicated that hormonal therapies qualify as a treatment option for men with female-like breasts. In addition to hormone imbalance, contributing factors for adult gynecomastia include alcohol consumption, certain drugs, and thyroid dysfunction. While it may be beneficial to consult with an endocrinologist about thyroid or hormone issues, the only way to get rid of breast tissue is by partnering with an experienced cosmetic surgeon.

Bye-Bye Man Boobs

Luxurgery in NYC is a practice that has stood at the cutting-edge of aesthetic medicine since it was first established. Dr. Shridharani has performed numerous male breast reduction procedures using techniques that remove excess fatty tissue and refine the shape of the chest. Additionally, his advanced skill using Kybella has also helped many men in the New York City area correct gynecomastia without surgery.

A man’s shape is a representation of his character. It contributes to his sense of self. If you or someone you love is fighting the losing battle against gynecomastia, get help. Call (212) 508-0000 to explore treatment options.

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