Does Your Aging Skin Need Some Love? Check Out These Proven Strategies!

Facial Surgery NYC | ManhattanEvery Spring, Mother Nature shows us just how easy it is to make everything new again. Nature ages, and it also consistently renews. For example, the tree that sheds its leaves in the fall grows new ones, and maybe even some flowers, too, every Spring. That same tree, though, continues to grow taller and wider with age. Our skin is no different. We may think of aging as a linear process, but it’s not. Just like the Springtime tree is refreshed, we can achieve the same resurgence in youthfulness in our appearance. Here, we want to discuss some proven strategies for giving your aging skin a bit of love.

Lifting with Liquid

Liquid injectable solutions have become so commonplace that we may forget that there are other ways to manage facial aging besides Botox and fillers. Today, it truly is possible to lift and refine the face using liquid. To do this, though, takes thoroughness and finesse. Our liquid lift treatment begins with a comprehensive consultation that allows us to fully understand the potential of non-surgical treatment. By carefully observing the skin and superficial tissue, we can develop a treatment strategy that deposits fillers at the most appropriate depths across various parts of the face, such as the cheeks and the brow line.

Filling in with Fat

Fat injections have become an integral service in aesthetic medicine in recent years largely because the use of fat is completely organic. The filler that is placed on the lips, cheeks, or other area comes from your body, so there is no rejection or adverse reaction. At most, fat injections involve a certain degree of absorption but, because we know this, we can offset this expectation at the time of treatment. In addition to the native nature of fat coming from your own body, fat injections are also advantageous because they achieve permanent results (minus natural aging).

Going for It

The development of so many non-surgical treatments may make it seem as though facelift surgery is outdated and unnecessary. In fact, we continue to see a great deal of interest in surgical facial rejuvenation. Why? Because it still achieves the best results in patients with more noticeable laxity and muscle deterioration. A facelift gently manipulates the superficial musculoaponeurotic system, the tissue plane responsible for the structure of tissue over the bony ridge of the cheekbones. As such, this procedure takes years off of the face.

We have numerous proven strategies for improving the way you look as you age. To discover more about facial rejuvenation, schedule a consultation in our 5th Avenue office in NYC. Call us at

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