Why Fat Transfer is a Hot Trend in Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation has been widely sought by women for many years. Over time, we’ve witnessed several advances in the performance or technical aspects of breast augmentation using breast implants. Today, what we’re witnessing is a marked increase in the number of women seeking more information about breast augmentation using fat transfer. This treatment process involves harvesting fat from one or more areas of the body, purifying fat cells, then transferring them to the breasts. Though slightly more complicated than the average breast implant surgery, fat transfer breast augmentation offers specific advantages that you may want to know.

Natural Look and Feel

As trends tend to do, those related to breast shape, size, and feel are bound to change over time. Fat transfer breast augmentation is filling a role that previously had no solution. Many women have expressed interest in using their own fat to augment their breasts. Medicine has finally caught up with this desire and has a proven way to increase volume without the use of artificial devices. While advantageous, it is also important to acknowledge that fat transfer does not, at this time, increase breast size as substantially and quickly as breast implants. However, once transferred fat cells integrate into the breast tissue, results are permanent with no need for upkeep. Furthermore, if a woman would like to go larger after her initial fat transfer, the process can be repeated.

No Implants, No Worries

A strong reason for wanting fat transfer is that breast implants feel too risky. While cases of breast implant illness are quite rare, the fact that there is a potential for implant leakage and other complications prevents many women from achieving their desired shape. Fat transfer does not involve implants or any artificial substance whatsoever. Risks of complications are limited to surgical effects such as infection; risks that last only a short time rather than for the life of the new breasts.

Two-for-One Benefits

Because fat is obtained from the patient’s body, the outcome of surgery is two-fold. The breasts are enlarged with and the area from which fat is harvested, such as the abdomen or thighs, is slimmed with liposuction.

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