The Unique Treatment of TubelessTuckSM

If you are not familiar, TubelessTuckSM is a drainless surgical tummy tuck technique. Dr. Shridharani champions and excels at this procedure – in fact, he is the first surgeon in New York City to offer this option for tummy tucks.

bodyThis technique is popular for tummy tucks and mini tummy tucks but is also successful during breast reductions, breast lifts, facelifts and neck lifts. Typically, whenever a patient undergoes these types of surgery, a series of uncomfortable drains are placed below the surface of the skin to prevent fluid build up.

A build up of fluid after cosmetic surgery can lead to seromas, which are associated with infections. Seromas can require treatment with antibiotics or even corrective surgery. TubelessTuckSM provides beautiful surgical results, while reducing the risk of fluid accumulation – all without drains.

Drains are very uncomfortable for patients and often must remain under the skin for 1-2 weeks. They also must be emptied multiple times a day. This can lead to a slower recovery period and more time away from work and social activities. Drains can also present opportunities for scarring and unnecessary post-operative pain.

If you are interested in undergoing a body lift surgery without the inconvenience of post-operative drainage tubes – discuss TubelessTuckSM with Dr. Shridharani today.

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