Why You Should be Thinking about that Bikini Now

Body Contouring New York City, NYSummertime is typically the time of year when we schedule relaxing vacations and spend a little – or a lot – of time by the pool. It makes sense, then, that our attention instinctively goes to the appearance of our thighs, midsection, or other body parts right before summer. Here, we want to discuss why that pattern of thinking could be all wrong. Instead of waiting until Springtime to jump into action to get the body you want, we say start now. Here’s why . . .

It’s Time to Bundle Up

In case you haven’t experienced a New York Winter, prepare to be cold. If you have endured some of the bitterness this time of year serves up, you know that there may be nothing more welcoming on a winter day than a cozy blanket and some thick sweatpants. The great thing about our typical wintertime habits is that they provide us with a safe place to take cover after a procedure like liposuction or abdominoplasty. Because we spend the weeks over winter pretty well-covered-up, there is no obviousness to the fact that we have undergone a body-contouring treatment.

This tip goes well for non-surgical body-contouring, as well. CoolSculpting is a popular treatment for men and women who want the fat to fall off naturally, albeit with a little help. The organic nature of fat metabolism after freezing fat cells means months of gradual change. Why wait until the beginning of summer to begin such a process when you can get a head-start?

Peace on Earth

We think of the holiday season as one of gathering and communion and peace, at least until the family comes to town. But, when you’re in the thick of the holiday season, there is probably very little time for you to take a time-out. After those few weeks of mayhem, though, when a family has returned home, and the kids have returned to the classroom, you may have an abundance of time to call your own. This is ideal for post-surgical healing.

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