Reasons for the Popularity of Fat Transfer Breast Enhancement

Breast augmentation has been a leading plastic surgery procedure for many years. Over time, we’ve seen changes in the ways that breast implants are made. We’ve seen changes in technique that have made the implant process more streamlined and the recovery process easier. As much as it had been on many women’s wish-list for some time, it has only been recently that we’ve seen a transition toward natural breast augmentation. Natural breast augmentation is another term that describes breast enhancement with fat transfer. Here, we discuss why this alternative is gaining popularity.

What is Natural Breast Augmentation?

Fat transfer is a rejuvenating treatment that accentuates or improves one area of the body by transplanting fat from another area of the body. A few years ago, fat injections became a common method of smoothing lines and wrinkles on the face. Some doctors use fat injections to plump the lips or cheeks. The fat transfer technique is also at the heart of the Brazilian Butt Lift. Now, doctors are using fat to enhance the breasts. Dr. Shridharani is one of a few surgeons who routinely perform this technique in our area.

What patients love about fat transfer breast enhancement include:

  • Natural Look and Feel

The changes that have been made to silicone breast implants in recent years have increased the natural look and feel patients get to enjoy. However, there is nothing more natural than a person’s own fat. At this time, we are seeing a transition in women’s goals for breast enhancement. There is a stronger desire these days to veer away from large, round breasts and toward breasts that are a more natural shape, size, and feel. Using this technique, patients can increase up to one cup size in a single procedure. If more volume is desired at a later time, and there is sufficient fat to harvest, the fat transfer technique can be repeated.

  • No Visible Scarring

Fat transfer begins with liposuction, a technique that is performed through very short incisions. The fat that is harvested from an area such as the abdomen or thighs is processed to remove all blood and fluid. Pure fat cells are then deposited in the breasts, layered to achieve natural volume and shape. This is all done through a small cannula, so no large incisions are needed, as there may be for breast augmentation with implants.

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