Achieved a Sculpted Look Without Needles or Surgery

  • Posted on: Feb 28 2023
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Muscle strong stripped male model shirtless in denim jeansFor many years, surgery, specifically liposuction, was the only treatment available to address and permanently remove stubborn body fat around the abdomen and midsection. This procedure was and still is very successful at safely and permanently removing this unwanted body fat. However, it is not suitable for smaller areas of the body where more finesse is needed.

As a slightly less invasive option, medical advancements led to injectable treatments to help address the unwanted body fat in certain areas around the body. These treatments are also very successful, though not every patient sees the same success as each patient reacts to the formulas differently.

More recently, doctors and aestheticians have been able to use non-invasive treatment methods to achieve nearly the same results without the risks of reaction to injected formulas or complications from surgery.

CoolTone® is one treatment option that can reduce the appearance of stubborn body fat and give you a more sculpted appearance. It also tones the muscles in the treated area and tightens the skin without needles or surgery.

Using magnetic energy to stimulate muscle contractions up to 20,000 times in each 30-minute treatment, the CoolTone® treatment works the muscles at a rate not possible with other forms to boost fat burn and increase tone.

CoolTone® treatments can be scheduled during your everyday life, and since they take around 30 minutes for each area treated, you can address several areas in a single appointment. Best of all, since there are no injections or risks of adverse side effects, there is no recovery or downtime after each treatment.

The results from CoolTone® can last for up to 6 months following a treatment schedule of 4 sessions across a 2-week period.

Don’t let the fear of injections or a long recovery from a surgical procedure keep you from getting the sculpted and toned look you want. Dr. Shridharani and the staff at Luxurgery in New York City, NY, can use CoolTone® and a variety of other non-invasive cosmetic treatments to help you reach all your aesthetic goals. Visit or call 212-508-0000 to schedule a comprehensive aesthetic consultation today.

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